Tuesday, November 25, 2008

It's getting so close

So I think finally we are in the home stretch of our bathrooms being complete. We have a toilet upstairs now and the vanity is in, however not working as of yet, but who knows when we get home maybe we can brush our teeth in a sink. lol And Toe-knee you can finally get up in the middle of the night to go pee cause I know how much you didn't want to go downstairs and would hold it until your alarm went off. Silly goose. We also have more lights operational and a smoke detector. yeahhhhhhhh.

I'm hoping my next post will be when our first phase is complete, fingers crossed.

Don't worry baby, it's almost done.

Monday, November 17, 2008

All Moved In

So the time has come that we are officially moved in and par-taking in what we call "indoor camping". Tony and I are really excited to be at this point in the renovations as there are still things that need to be completed, but we do have a sink in the basement, a toilet on the main floor and a shower upstairs lol. We have learned to impravise, such as brushing our teeth during our shower and saving all the dirty dishes until the end of the day. We have started a pretty good system and with time it will only get better. Yesterday we finally got outlets on the main floor, our bedroom and in the main bathroom. It only gets better and easier from here..... RIGHT?? But all jokes aside we are really happy and excited to be where we both feel at home. Now we just need to get the bathrooms done so the last member of our family can join us, our beloved "Mo-mo" This has been the hardest part for me, being away from my baby. So fingers crossed that by friday we will have our 2 bathrooms and no contractors. Wishful thinking most likely but one can only hope.

I just wanted to take a quick moment and also say thanks to my family that was a huge help during the move, you guys are so good to Tony and I and we really appreciate all your help and support. 

This is when we failed our building inspection - clearly. Which we have since passed.

Our first date on friday in our new house, just what we both needed.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Zander Jeffery Card

I would like to welcome the newest addition to my family Zander Jeffery Card, born at 10pm on November 5 2008 with a healthy weight of 8lb 8oz. Mom and Baby are doing well. And let me just finish by saying that our stories of yesterday's events will be added in our family stories that are revisited on most family affairs. Congrats Nikki you did very well even with the encounter of the very mean wasp that would attack a pregnant woman during a contraction. ;)


Monday, November 3, 2008

What have we been up to.....

Wow, what a busy month we have had. We have officially had our place for 1 month and lots has happened. Some is very visible and some is not. We've had lot of ups and lots of downs. Let me be the first to tell you that the visual satisfaction and the the non-visual are just as important. We have fully completed the venting (heat is sooo good), and the electrical and plumbing is so close to finished I can smell it. With this being our first contracting renovation I had no idea how long projects take. I sadly admit I have accused my fab 3 team of procrastinating and taking too long when in deed they are the hardest working people I have ever met. Emotions are high and desperation to get into our house have made me a little demanding and quick to judge. I not sure at this point how many times I have had to gravel and admit that I'm expecting the impossible.

To my husband, I want to say you are what keeps me going when things get rough and that I have a found respect and proudness for you (more then I thought ever existed in the world). I have worked you so hard this past 3 weeks and you have been overwhelmed with everything I have thrown at you. You kept it together and we are now so close. One more week baby and then we can slow down (I promise).

When Tony and I told people that we were going to encounter a house with extensive renovations the common feedback was that we were going to put a lot of stress on our marriage and a wish of good luck. It is true, the stress that comes with renovation is extreme. But I do have to be honest that I have never loved nor treasured the man I married more then I do right now. We have had disagreement, temper tantrums in the middle of stores as well as post-sponing project we had our heart set on. However all this has brought tony and I closer, we have learned to lean on each other and keep each other close, and of course our communication has hit a new high. I wouldn't trade what we have learned and experienced for the entire universe.

With that said enjoy our new love nest as we are schedualed to move this Saturday.