Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tony's Birthday Extraveganza

Well his 29th bday has come and gone.... Thankfully (I'm quite exhausted) I don't bounce back the way I use too. I must say that my birthday attitude has slightly rubbed off on the famous Tony Nguyen. His birthday lasted the week that mine normally does and it was well deserved. Lets highlight some of the events shall we;

Friday Nights Collective Soul Concert... With "All Access Passes"
That means we get to go back stage, thanks to my girl Dani.

So your wondering how we got this... well when we went backstage I helped Cheney Brannon (the current drummer) unscrew this off his drum set and he went around and got it signed for the beautiful, charismatic single lady Danielle Minard. ;) Which now resides in her office right next to mine... yes.

And so the birthday party continued on to Dakota's where we hung and drank with some of the Band members, for what was a night to remember. (If we weren't too drunk to remember) Just kidding we remember the important stuff.

And now on the Saturday,
Saturday started off with a lovely Thanksgiving dinner surrounded by family (where Tony had to ask to blow out the aroma candles that was making his stomach queezy) and ended with our friends at Pure Spirits in the Distillery District. We all enjoyed oysters, mussels, shooters and not so great wine, while there were a few exceptions for those who enjoyed a classic poutine. From there we trotted and closed down The Courthouse and landed in bed about 4am.

All in all I know Tony had the most amazing birthday ever.. mostly because he keeps telling me. And I have all of you to thank.
So Thank you Dani, Tan, Rob, Andy, Phil, James, Andge, Mel, Julia, Sandra, Megan. You all made me look like the best wife ever and I couldn't have done it without all of you.

You are all very great friends and family.

All my love,
Christy (aka the best wife ever)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Moma