Friday, December 23, 2011

A Negative

Yes that is my blood type as I had learned during the early stages of my pregnancy (remember the "A minus" story), it is also known as "Rh Factor in Pregnancy".

What does that means?
A woman is at risk when she has a negative Rh factor and her partner has a positive Rh factor. This combination can produce a child who is Rh positive. While the mother's and baby's blood systems are separate there are times when the blood from the baby can enter into the mother's system. This can cause the mother to create antibodies against the Rh factor, thus treating an Rh positive baby like an intruder in her body. If this happens the mother is said to be sensitized.

A sensitized mother's body will make antibodies. These antibodies will then attack an Rh positive baby's blood, causing it to breaking down the red blood cells of the baby and anemia will develop...

I do want to say that I have NO concerns or stress, we live in a time where this can all be prevented, hence the shot I received at 28 wk., and the steps that can be taken proceeding the birth. While it is important to have the knowledge, it is also just as important to not over react.

With that said, I wanted to share with you the story of receiving "The Shot".

First I had to pick up the shot at St. Michaels Hospital, where they handed me a plastic Biohazard bag that made be feel like I was a walking contamination to society.
Two days later I went into the Midwifery Clinic for my regular appointment where I met our back-up mid wife Linda and for her to administer this said shot. For those that are or have been pregnant, you are all quite familiar with the amount of blood work that goes along with it. So I just assumed that she would give me the shot in my arm, but on her recommendation she advised the ass muscle as the prime real estate for both comfort and pain. Well, didn't I proceed to turn on all fours on a bed, where she then offered I might be comfortable lying on my side. And here is my reply "Oh, I just automatically assumed it would be done doggy style position". Didn't all 3 of us burst into the hardest laughter ever. Thank god she wasn't mortified and said I was a funny girl. I don't think she will look at Tony and I quite the same.

I can only imagine what else will come out of my mouth at this point, but at least it results in laughter.

Lots of Love,

Sunday, December 18, 2011

We are making progress

We are officially in our 3rd trimester and there has been a lot of progress both with the baby's room/necessities and with my growing belly. (See for yourself below ;)

We start seeing our midwife every 2 weeks now, which is both exciting and frustrating. Exciting because we are closing in on the end and frustrating because it is so time consuming. We have picked our names which I think are locked in at this point, for a girl we have decided on Lucy Lynn Nguyen and for a boy we have chosen Benjamin Robert Nguyen.

I have started looking for a photographer for maternity and newborn shots, I think we have it narrowed down to 2 potentials. I just have to make the final decision now. I was going to try to do them myself but I just don't have the energy to set up a spot and I would much rather sit on the couch and watch absolutely nothing on TV. (Ain't that the truth)

As for a baby shower that most of you might be wondering about, I have decided that I would much prefer an open house "Meet and Greet" / "Sip & See" after the baby is born. The biggest reason for this is I am hoping to alleviate the overwhelming individual visits. My worry is that I have no idea how I will feel, how fast I will adapt to being a new mother or even it I want to get out of my robe or brush my teeth. This is a whole new world I am about to enter and I have to idea what I am doing.

With that said, I will leave you to peruse our progress photos.

Lots of Love
Christy Lynn

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

How are you feeling?

Wow, I never thought I would be asked by so many people how I was feeling, funny how that is because I am pregnant. However, I also am a contributor to this frequently asked question as well, and the more I think about it, this is a very LOADED question. I guess it is why most woman reply with a courteous; "I'm doing well" or "pretty good all par for the course". I have definitely used those 2 the most.

But as for the question itself; How Do You Feel? Well... are you asking me emotionally or physically, perhaps both? Do you really want to know? You are probably asking to be polite, or when you have just run into that said person on our way to another destination. So a polite response is "I'm doing great, all par for the course thank you for asking." This allows you to carry on to your final destination or save you from a long winded monologue you never saw coming.

I am in my 25th week and back to the question, How are you feeling?

Describing this is a lot harder then I thought it would be, I go through most days unfazed of what will be the rest of my life in a mere 4 more months. I would say for the most part I get wrapped up in the cute outfits, stuffed animals and pretty nursery decor. Things that don't really require me to acknowledge the long term investment rapidly growing inside. There are moments that I find myself blurting out to Tony, "I can't believe we are having a baby." It's so easy to make things appear picture perfect with great nursery decor, pictures hung on the walls, the pretty basinet, cute I love daddy and I love mommy outfits. But to be honest I have no clue what we are doing, what we need, or what this new chapter brings. I know that the beginning will most likely be tough, that there will be good days and a fair share of bad ones, and that I will move heaven and earth to raise our child with our beliefs. I know that I may not come out of this experience the same person I went into it with, but I do know that I love my husband, I love my baby and together we will do our best.

I guess to sum it up, we will be "flying by the seat of our pants" or if you prefer, we will "make it up as we go along."
OMG, I can't believe I'm having a BABY! ;)... but seriously... OMG.

There is a lot less physical in me these days then I have ever experienced (not even during my freshman 48 lb days - True Story). I am usually a girl always on the go, and my weekends are more times then not jam packed morning to night with lots of visits with family and friends. Usually if you want to see me there is a 4wk waiting period (dead serious). It has been this way for a very long time, I remember even as a little girl I hated the feeling that I missed out on some spectacular moment or event in time that I would never get back. You take that and add work along with regular around the house tasks of cleaning, laundry, groceries and 2 dogs for a pregnant lady and you got a woman almost in tears! Don't get me wrong Tony is a huge contributor around the house and takes on a lot of the home responsibilities, but who are we kidding, Christy doesn't ask for help. I just dig deep and getter done.
Recently and by that I mean over the past week, I have started to cancel and pare down my weekends, for the first time in a long time, maybe even ever. It nearly killed me, I felt so bad. I hate to disappoint people or not follow through on plans, it honestly eats me up inside if I feel like I have let someone down. (insert tears here)
The big eye opening moment for me was this past Sunday which was suppose to be my Traditional Christmas Decorating day (official Toronto Santa Clause Parade is my green light to spread Christmas through my house), but after a long day the only thing I had energy for was to hang 2 wreaths, and it was on Sunday that I am now following a new plan "A Little Every Day." I am slowly getting comfortable with that, but boy is it hard.

Here are some more memories I wanted to share;
The Pleasant
• Tony felt the baby move on 2 separate occasions last night (November 3rd), he was so excited.
• We official found the perfect name for the baby "My Little Jitterbug" (just like daddy)
• Tony and I have been reading Robert Munsch books to our little Jitterbug
• We "SAW" the baby move (poke) on the morning of November 16th for the first time together

The Funny
• I no longer give myself enough space to close the door in public washroom stalls, as it always skims my belly.
• I have almost lost sight of my feet, which means I have completely lost sight of my............ ya that!.
• Stairs and I are going to have a blowout soon. I never would have thought a regular flight of stairs could completely knock the wind right out of me. The mornings are the worst.
• Bending to put on sock or shoes are mortifying (what with the grunting and huffing that goes along with it) and I seriously come close to breaking a sweat. And have officially "laid off" my High Top Converse.
• I have admitted to using my belly as a drop cloth (or as some would call it a bib)

All my love
Christy Lynn xoxo

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Zander's 3rd Birthday

Happiest of the happiest birthday to my little Zanman! I hope you had a great day cause Uncle Gomi and I sure did.

Love you to bits buddy,
Aunty Tee Tee xoxo

Mila Vienna Patreau

Born: October 3rd, 2011 at 2:28pm
Congratulations to our very good friends Andrea and Alex Patreau on the arrival of their beautiful little girl. She definitely melted my heart.

Whittamore's Pumpkinland

Nguyen Family Thanksgiving

Monday, October 17, 2011

Lolly-Pops and Sunshine

As promised here are the lighter, emotional and heart warming moments of pregnancy. I am into my 21st week and I feel great considering the often rubbed and glowing belly I am rapidly growing. I hope you enjoy my journey as I reflex back on my 20 wks of spirited moments.

At 7 weeks I announced my pregnancy to my closest girlfriends, we talked about upcoming appointments and the knowledge that I had gained in such a short time. This is when I told them I found out I have to get a special shot at 28 wks because my blood type was A "Minus" thats right, it's not a typo, I said MINUS instead of negative. And if that wasn't bad enough I broke out in a full on UGLY cry, for a good 3 min, in the middle of a restaurant! TRUE STORY!

8 weeks in we had our dating ultrasound, this is where the proof was on the screen. We could see the sack and very small tadpole like seed starting to grow. I wish I had taken a picture of Tony's face to capture his huge smile and soft eyes as he stared at the screen, it warmed my heart and brought tears to my eyes. And then of course in true Anthony Robert fashion he asked me if I liked the probe that was currently up my woman hole. Can you say mortifyingly embarrassing!

Week 11 I announced my pregnancy at work, and what an emotional mess I was. I felt so bad telling my work about my pregnancy mostly because I felt like I threw a wrench in their plans. Here they are hoping to have a full-time employee and I have now told them I come with a limited time offer. I cried so hard and continued to cry for the next 15 min that my boss had to give me his box of Klenox. He kept telling me this was a great thing and was happy for me, I couldn't look at him for the rest of the day without crying.

At 13 weeks we had our genetic testing which included another ultrasound. What a difference in growth 5 wks is. Tony and I could have watched our baby move all day on that screen. It's really something so hard to describe until you are looking at your own baby moving on the screen.

Weeks 15/16 Tony and I finally heard Baby Nguyen's heartbeat for the first time! I remember our mid-wife asking if we wanted to hear the baby's heartbeat. I glanced at Tony and the shear look of excitement at the opportunity to hear the baby was priceless on his face. My husband most def. wears his heart on his sleeve. (and not in the creepy bachelorette way)

My stomach started to feel harder during this time and I also started to feel movement, mostly described as bubbles or butterflies in your stomach. At first I thought it was just movement in my intestines (gas perhaps) but I was assured that it was the baby moving. I can recall every morning for about a week on my drive into work the baby moving and I practically daydreamed the entire way in. It was the perfect way to start my mornings. From this point on people are starting to see that I am clearly pregnant and it brings on their sweet warm smiles and generous offers of help. I don't think I have lifted anything heavier then a pumpkin during my entire pregnancy.

At 19 weeks in I started to feel the baby kick and jab at me! So far I have noticed it occurring around the 2pm hour. When it first started to happen I was so busy at work I barely noticed it, and then it hit me. That's the baby moving, I can actually feel the movement, it was so strong. (not strong enough to feel on the outside) I remember sitting there and all of a sudden I was in my own world with my hand on my stomach and it was just me and my baby. I got teary eyed and emotional of course, but I'm starting to get use to the welling eyes at work.

We also had our last ultrasound, and as most things it only gets better with time. The baby was bigger and there was so much more definition. The head is a perfect circle, the spine like poetry. The baby even stretched it's hand out that we could count all 5 fingers. Completely mesmerizing! As we packed up and were half way out the door the technician realized she never asked if we wanted to know the baby's sex (thank goodness) It is meant to be that we wait until birth.

20 full weeks complete and we have officially hit the half way point of our pregnancy. I can only imagine the moments to come, and I welcome them with open arms.

All my love
Christy Lynn

Saturday, October 8, 2011


I love fall for many reasons, I love when the trees change colour, and the cool comfortable fresh air. But most of all it feels like it is the starting cycle of plenty family gatherings to come. In my opinion we don't have enough family gatherings, and although they tend to be chaotic there is something so comforting about it at the same time. It really brings out the funny moments.
We have some fun things as a family to look forward to this coming year, another edition to the family and a wedding thus coming August (which I am so honoured to take the photographs for)

So cheers to my family and our many moments to come this year.

Lots of Love
Christy Lynn

I love this cycle of photos, and to describe the setting Becca is teaching us "The Pose". Oh yes, there is a pose! In my day the pose consisted of your hand on your hip to allow your arm to look slimmer, but my baby sister's day has since perfected it. Apparently there is now a tilt of the leg that make your bum look "tight" and a chest thrust to give you an hour glass appearance. True story. See for yourself. xoxo I love my sisters!