Friday, January 14, 2011

$5 from each shirt goes to charity. Our “FCK PROP 8” video was seen by millions & raised over $200,000 for the marriage equality fight. Over 40,000 T-shirts were sold & shipped to 75 countries!

The “FCK BULLIES” video is raising funds for queer youth suicide prevention.

There are 6 different phrases and 4 different colours of T-shirts for the low cost of $13:
Don't B H8N on the Homos
Some Kids are Gay that's OK
Some Chicks Marry Chicks
Some Dudes Marry Dudes
STR8 Against H8

But thats not all, they offer hoodies, tank-tops, buttons, wristbands, stickers, and calendars.

Be the difference. Make a difference.
Christy Lynn

Sunday, January 9, 2011

She's a keeper!

With Tedi around there isn't a dull moment, she flops, bounces and bulls herself around the house keeping us on our toes. I think she approx. 8lbs now. Well at least her head is anyway. As for Gizmo, he is really starting to come around. I feel like he's back to normal with me which I am so thankful for. It was quite upsetting that my love bum wouldn't let me snuggle with him. I have never experienced him so upset with me before. I truly felt like a little bit of my heart broke. Slowly as the days went bye Gizmo shows more and more acceptance - HURRAY! I am super excited for the day the 2 of them snuggle, play and entertain each other.

Here are pics from this past week of bonding.

Lots of Love
Christy Lynn