Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My Snuggle Muffins

Oh my goodness it has been quite some time. I have no excuse other then neglect, and for that I am sorry. Our lives have felt like they have been in fast for"ward" as of late.
Every weekend has been jam packed. Most recently we have had 2 birthdays in the family, one of which was the BIG 19 and was rung in with all the trimmings, with the exception of the cab breaking down on the Gardiner Exwy. bahaha no joke.

Tony and I have become avid Sunday Dodgeball players, which I believe we are "All-Stars" at and have also really started enjoying having 2 dogs. They are completely different dogs compared to when we first brought Tedi home. And most recently (this past sunday) they have both been put on a raw food diet. I really think there is already a difference in their energy (especially Gizmo as well as his coat) not to mention their water intake is much less as well. I will keep you update as we see more benefits throughout this transition.

Enjoy the Pics

Christy Lynn

Becca's 19th Birthday

Lola Jane's Birthday