Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Wedding of the Year!

This past Friday, I attended what I was predicting as the Wedding of the Year, and that is exactly what it was! I have been asked numerous times following in the days "How was the Wedding?" and I always follow it with the same similar response...

It was spectacular and the wedding of the year, the bride was absolutely breathtaking and she is the kind of beauty that is both inside and out. A definite rare gem. She is definitely one of the top brides I have ever seen with the whole package. The entire ambiance of the wedding was shower with their love, it was seen through the photo's that cascaded the venue, it was seen in the support of their wedding party that shared words and a video about the strength of the bride and grooms true-love. It continued on with their affection and complete and utter beaming love for each other. The whole wedding party was filled with friends all which had over a decade of friendship and could almost as easily been confused with family, which I think in itself speaks loudly to how much Christine and Derek love and are loved by many.

I will end this with a one statement that will sum this fairy tale, they are a True Cinderella and Prince Charming story.
Congratulations Christine and Derek, I wish you nothing but a lifetime of happiness.

Lots of Love,
Christy Lynn

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Share Circle of Trust

As I am about to bare all the thoughts that go through a woman's mind during this altering process of child bearing, I fear that you will judge me. Please keep in mind that I have ZERO regrets about my choice to grow my family and am at the end of the day very much excited for this new chapter I will share with my husband. I would read this as my comical approach to slight/medium fear of not having a clue on what I am about to encounter... for the REST OF MY LIFE. Can you say "Fake It" till you "Make It".

As I close in on 4 months I have a pretty strong feeling for the word "Sacrifice", and not the offering of food, objects or the lives of animals or people to the gods as an act of propitiation or worship. But more in the sense of giving up some of my simple pleasures in life. Sacrifice sounds like such a strong word for giving up simple pleasures in life, but when you add them all up the word is exactly that... a SACRIFICE!

Here is a list of my sacrifices; Red Wine (although I'm sure my big sister appreciates me not showing up at her house hungover for her children's birthday parties anymore), Cold Cuts (oh how I miss my assorted subway sandwiches), Sushi (yummy salmon and white tuna rolls), Licking the spatula after baking... thats because of the raw egg (heart break non the less), Medium Steak (not that I am enjoying eating hunks of meat right now anyway, but I certainly am not interested in eating it well done with a texture of rubber either), Pineapple and poppy seeds (true story, apparently it causes your uterus to contract, say goodbye to my favourite asparagus dish), "HOT" bubble bath (come on... as if I want to lay in a luke warm might as well be cold tub of water with a good book), my clothes (for one I don't fit into any of them (comfortably that is)).

Oh hell no I'm not done, for a second there I bet you thought I forgot to mention the number 1 sacrifice (no not wine, but depending on the day...) truth be told it's MY BODY. This sacrifice gets a list of it's own. And let me start with the obvious one "bloating weight gain" to say muffin top is an understatement thats for sure. The most frequent urination, the kind that almost makes you want to pull your hair out (I have even tried to bend in half while peeing which was a helpful hint, FYI not so helpful). Oh and the mention of hair, how that makes me cry. When they (they=oh wise ones with positive attitudes) say "Yeah, your hair will grow and be so shiny" everyone thinks about the hair on your head. Why don't you just say stock up on wax strips or learn a great braiding/corn rowing technique. Honestly it grows everywhere and for brunettes you can't get away with "oh that just peach fuzz", or "I've always had a unibrow". Now onto breast, and while you might be thinking "AROOGA!" let me tell you it is far from that. I am pretty sure there is now an even percentage of breast to areola, not to bad you think, except my breast are also twice the size, and the milk ducks... oh dear, I think thats more then enough.

These are the only ones that I can remember for now, sighhhh, I use to be able to recall everything. Non the less you see where I'm coming from or at the very least walk away with a good chuckle, at my expense.

My next post will be the lolly-pops and sunshine of pregnancy (insert mild puking here) Just joking... (on the mild puking of course)

Lots and lots of love
Christy Lynn and Baby

Monday, September 5, 2011


The Pregnancy Process,
The process obviously started with the decision to extend our family from 4 (Tony, Gizmo, Tedi and myself) to 5. We made a plan to only concentrate on the first 3 days of “The Ovulation week”. Thus making it a greater chance for a girl. That lasted for about 2 months. When the novelty of peeing on the stick got old and slowly was becoming discouraging. I know we were limiting our chances but I really didn’t think it was going to take more then 1 try. That was until I was hearing more stories of woman trying for well over a year. So month 3 we decided “all in” or “all out”. And it was an all in week. Too bad my phone app was clearly wrong on “The Ovulation week”. And another test negative. Really, this was starting to be not fun anymore. ☹
For our 4th month we decided to buy the ovulation sticks, and as we closed The Ovulation Week out Tony and I made a wish and broke a wishbone we had been saving for the right moment. Funny we felt this was the right moment.

The pee test wait…
2 weeks is way too long even with the 5-Day early pregnancy test. It was the week of the test and I was counting the days to Saturday July 2nd as the day we were Celebrating Poopies ½ Bday. We had a little snag in our plan when on June 28th my work laid me off. Well with bad news the good news always finds away to shine through right. The Saturday eventually came and Tony woke up to walk the dogs. While he was out I ran up tied my hair back and proceeded to pee on the stick. I walked the stick back to the bedroom and the one line came up quickly, I had been here before and put the stick down on the night table. Another month down I thought. I went on FB to see if anyone else in the world was up yet and mostly to distract myself from another month gone by. And I’m not sure why but when I put my phone down I took another look at the test, wait what is that!!!!! Is that another line. I jumped out of bed and opened the blind (it was still a little dark in the room). It’s faint, but it was there, what does that mean? I ran downstairs and grabbed the instructions out of the garbage (yes there are instructions on peeing on a stick) it is confirmed even a faint line is a positive test! I was PREGNANT!

The first announcement…
Well one would think, just grab a microphone and scream it on the top of the highest mountain! Ya, well you don’t have 2 sisters and a mother all wanting to be the first to know. We had the perfect plan. My Poopie would be the first to know! It was his birthday and we thought we could sign the card from Tony, Christy and Baby. ☺
It went more super amazing then I could have thought. There was excitement, tears and very long hugs. Everyone was so overjoyed for us. And for the record they all insisted on knowing right away, so if it feels like a long 8 months for them, it’s their own fault.

5 weeks in
Well, I have now been to the doctors and they have taken enough blood to feed a vampire. I have booked our 1st ultra sound and a meeting with a mid wife clinic. So now we wait. Have I noted “I hate (scratch that) dislike waiting”. – Sorry Moma.
All I can do is sit and be pregnant, not even the good pregnant, the loose skin, cramping, tired, sore breast, feel like I’m not pretty anymore pregnant. Can I remind you that the sitting is even worse when you are unemployed! Minutes feel like days and by this rate I feel like I’m going to be 100 before I give birth. Jokes of course. Don’t forget this is the girl that gets all her presents early and spoils every surprise I’ve had.

This is my question - How does one try to enjoy ones Pregnancy, when all one does is count down 1 more day of ones pregnancy. Hint: one = me

13 weeks in
There are a million things better @13 weeks. I have a job, it is safe to share my news with everyone in the world and I am starting to show in a good baby bump way. FINALLY! I have a beautiful ultrasound picture that shows my baby growing big and strong. What an experience that was, I was very teary eyed and was speechless with the amount of movement my little love bum was making, arms and legs where going crazy. And to see the hands and knuckles on the screen, wow, just wow.
It is wonderful to be closing my 1st trimester out, and although it wasn’t at all bad (with only 1 episode of morning sickness and 1 migraine that snuck through) I am ready to embrace my pregnancy and show off my belly.

Lots of love
Christy Lynn

Backyard Reno

This is the last of our reno's for a very very very long time. As Tony and I always do, we try to cut the cost where we can, and that is usually in the labour intensive places. This is normally not such a feat, however, we are a man down. I sadly am unable to participate in any significancy for this project. Poor Tony had to take the brunt of this project on his own, and that started with the dismantling of our existing deck/shed and fence. Along with the 2 runs to the city dump and a huge Thank you to James for his help. Then it was a week of relaxation while the Team at TLC "My Toronto Landscaping" took over and rebuilt the fence, deck and gate. They finished up and now it was back to us for sodding. To say it doesn't seem like such a big job, but to do it, well that's a different story. Before we could lay the sod we had to turn the ground up, wheel 2 yards of dirt into the backyard, rack that out in an "even" manor (that was my only job) roll it softly to double check the "even'ness" of it. And then to rack it again before putting the sod down in a staggered pattern. Well when push comes to shove, my baby stepped up and what a great job he did. We have barely left our backyard since so talk about reaping the rewards! Did I mention that my lack of participation has put me on watering grass duty for the remainder of the season. Small price to pay considering his labour put us to bed at 8pm Friday night. Thank you lover for the best backyard ever! You are so good to us.

Lots of love
Christy Lynn

My 30th Birthday

They love me, they really do love me!

My birthday extravaganza was just that, the traditional 3 weeks of celebration. Mind you a lot of that was not in my control this year. My plan was to hopefully have it go by with as little notice as possible, but when you're loved and I mean loved, you get a lot more then you could have imagined!

Traditionally my birthday celebration is kicked off with BeerFest. With our tickets purchased last February for our annual event, as the month fast approached I learned that I would not be able to attend. So with the donation of my ticket to James the BeerFest event went on without me. I instead enjoyed the day with my girl, Dani! She pampered me with Mani's and Pedi's and we mustn't forget about our 2 hr. trip to the grocery store. Joe can take most of the blame for that visit. The evening held the BeerFest after party where frozen drink where made a plenty! Not to mention the split drinks (James) and the Muay Thai moves (Tony). "TFD" Tin Foil Dani, who thought you could reheat food in the microwave in tin foil! Bahahaha. And the ever competitive game of Jenga with Billy, Danielle, James, Tony and Dani. My Traditional Birthday Kick off was more amazing then I could have imagined, you guys are all so amazing! And sorry I went to bed @ 10:30. Love you all xo "NFC" No Fun Christy (Thanks Billy muaah)

The following weekend (which was my actual birthday) Tony and I spent the Saturday afternoon/evening celebrating my 30th with Andge, Andy, Liam, Tan, Mel, Maverick and Luke. It was a wonderful Steak BBQ with my favourite side in the entire world "Corn on the cob". Do the loves of my life know me or do they know me! Everything was perfect from the decorations that hung around the entire house to the dinner and the dessert! I was spoiled! Thank you so much guys for making me feel so special, love you guys with all my heart xo

Like I said this was a birthday extravaganza, and this birthday continues onto the Sunday, where I spent the afternoon getting birthday lovies from my family. Becca, Nikki, Chris, Savanna, Lola, Zander, Moma, Poops and GG. We had lunch and cake and some good family bonding, not to mention witnessing my first tree fall down.

My Birthday celebration ending with fireworks, when Moma and Big Sissy whisked me away for an overnight stay @ Ste. Anne's Spa. From the moment we got there we didn't leave our Robe's! The morning started out with our messages, followed by eating. Within the half hour of that we went into our Hand Therapy session followed by yet another meal. And we closed the day out with our Foot Therapy session and yes you guessed it, another meal! When we weren't getting pampered we were eating, now thats my kinda day! Our bags were delivered to our room... or should I say "The Hobit" that is the name of this cute stone work of art that was a beautiful loft and would be the resting spot for evening. Thank you so much to the both of you and to Poops and Christopher for this wonderful gift that I will always cherish and be ever grateful for the time I got to spend and share with you there. On a side note, Moma be more careful on stairs, slippery when wet! Love you guys with all that I have xo

This closes out my 30th Birthday extravaganza and as you will agree, hands down was an extravaganza! Thank you again to all that made me feel special, warm, loved and never forgotten. You guys are forever in my heart.

With all my heart, I love you