Sunday, December 2, 2012

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Time flies

I know it has been such a long time since I last posted, and to be honest I have come here 3 times to write a post and each time I don't know where to start because so much is happening so fast.

Tony and I can't even understand how fast Ben is growing up. He has hit so many milestones and at such an early age. We/Benjamin is fully mobile; crawling and walking around furniture, recently we went from crawling up the stairs to now stepping up the stairs. And this week he's working on standing on his own! Holy Sh!T I can't believe it.

Ben has a bottom tooth out and another beside it on it's way. He's a great eater for the most part, absolutely loves avacado and when we stick to routine everything works like a charm. We were sleeping 6-6 but since the time change he is now 5-5, can't really complain thou, 12 hours is 12 hours so I'm grateful for that.

We got through our first cold, not sure what worked best as we just used them all. HydroSense, Vicks rub, Vicks plug-in, Vicks in a bowl of boiling water, humidifier and Coryzila. It's so hard to see your precious baby suffer from a cold and you really can't do much about it. 

That's pretty much the Coles notes of our last few months, here are some pics and videos.

Lots of Love
Christy and Benjamin

Recorded on September 2nd 2012, age: 6 months

Trying to crawl
Recorded on October 13th 2012, age: 7 months

Pulling himself up
Recorded on October 18th 2012, age: 7 months

Eating breakfast
Recorded on October 31st 2012, age: 7.5 months

Climbing the stairs
Recorded on November 2nd 2012, age: 7.5 months

Walking with assistance
Recorded on November 8th 2012, age: almost 8 months

Standing on his own
Recorded on November 29th 2012, age: almost 8.5 months

Friday, September 28, 2012

Benjamin's First Halloween

What fun we had today shooting Ben in his first of very many costumes to come. If he's anything like his moma he is gonna LOVE halloween. I can't wait to have him sit on our front porch giving out candy this year. Should be my favourite Halloween yet.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Busy bee

The big 6 months is a mere week away and we have hit plenty more milestones, done so much around the house and I even launched a business. My head is still spinning it's all happening/going so fast.

First lets talk about Ben as he is my first priority and hopefully if all goes well, it will allow me to spend more time with him. We have some what of a routine. Not that it will stick for any length of time. Ben is on a full list of puree's now: Banana, Zucchini, Pear, Apple, Sweet Potato, Squash, Brown Rice and Avocado. He is sitting up on his own for a few minutes at a time now, and worms himself on his tummy around the family room playing with toys. Right now his favourite is the music drums. I have his tired cry down pat! It kinda sounds like a reggae song "oh na na na na, oh na na na na." And if I need to hold off an oncoming cry I sing "Hokey Pokey" usually he's on to me by the time I get through all the limps and the whole body lol. Sometimes 3 little monkeys will work too, but only 3 don't even try 5. ;) My favourite game and I think his too would be "I Gotta Secret!" I go from ear to ear whispering "I gotta Secret" "Wanna hear my secret" and then when he tenses his shoulders cause he knows whats coming and starts a pre giggle I snuggle down in the nape of his neck and growl, snort and kiss super fast and he shrieks with laughter right from the bottom of his gut. It's honestly priceless!
I would do it all day just to hear that laugh.

Now let's talk about the launching of my new business "Christy Lynn Photography and Design." I feel like it has been a long time coming and perfect timing. I have the next 6 months to build a portfolio and bring in work. I'm off to a steady start and I pray it gets better and busier. I have every intention in going back to work, my worry is that there may not be enough work to take me on full time. So at the very least this allows me to do part time at work so I can spend more time with Ben (less daycare) and still bring in a little extra cash with my business. Time really will only tell and a conversation with my previous employer. Anyway, here is a little of what has been going on at Christy Lynn Photography and Design.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Moments Caught

My first tubby

A case of hiccups

Nana and I

Mommy making me laugh

My first jolly jumper experience

My first time with solids

Me being a rollover PRO

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

4 months and we have milestones galore!

It still feels like just yesterday that we brought Benjamin home, and everyday I find there is another first added to the list. The first time he stiffened his legs to stand, his first sit in the Bumbo, his first jump in the JollyJumper, his first and only 6 hr sleep to date, and now his first attempt at solid foods (btw I LOVE my baby bullet). Sometimes I wanna scream STOP! Stop getting bigger, stop trying to grown up, just stop. My newborn is no newborn anymore. He is my little guy who has just eaten his first solid food. We even have a half roll (from tummy to back). Wow, I find it so crazy we are here already. 

Ben is saying "MOMA" without a doubt! Tony 100% agrees he has said it a hand full of times and always when I have passed him off to Tony to leave the room. So heart melting! I'm scared to blink these days that I might miss something spectacular and I can't wait to see what he learns he can do next. Now if I could only get him to sleep through the night... anyone heard of "No-cry Sleep training?" What does it involve? Was is successful? I have just been informed there is such a thing, off to researching I go. Thanks for stopping in for a read.

Lots of Love
Christy and Benjamin


Saturday, July 7, 2012

Everyone has an opinion

What an eye opener motherhood has been, I will be the first to admit that I may have made assumptions and conclusions (aka judging) about mothers before me. I am here to tell you that it is very rare to have the same pregnancy, labour, birth, baby or motherhood story. And therefore what you have not experienced first hand you cannot completely understand and may I suggest you offer support instead of judgement. Nothing about this process is easy, in fact I like to call it "Rolling with the punches."

Lately I have been feeling judged, I feel like choices and decisions we have made are being scrutinized. I find myself defending everything from formula, breast feeding, co-sleeping, traveling in the car, using a soother, and the no-cry method. I don't know why I defend anything, to be honest Benjamin is the happiest baby ever and if he's happy then I am happy and we must be doing something right... right?

It is unfortunate that we live is a society where everyone feels the need and right to cast judgement on you or that anyone feels they have to justify any choices. I should stand up for my decisions and be strong because right or wrong my mother always told me it's about the follow through. The truth is no one knows the whole story and there is always a bigger picture. I, myself have been caught on judgement because I was unaware of the bigger picture, and because of that for sometime now I have been working on not judging and instead offer a listening ear. It is very hard at first glance to any scenario not to cast judgement, and I have to stop and remind myself that I do not know the whole story. But more importantly that it is non of my business.

In the end everything has a cause and effect, I along with everyone else know that, and if I can live with the effects of my cause then that should be good enough for anyone. Benjamin is who he is because of the choices my husband and I have made to raise him. We are doing the best we can in every way, and that I promise you. So shouldn't that be enough for you? And really why do you care?

Lots of love
Christy and Benjamin

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Holy moly... my most spectacular little guy is 14 weeks. What a crazy climb to 14 weeks, the headline says it all. I feel like a natural mom, truly in sync with Benjamin. I have to say Benjamin for the most part makes being a mom almost too easy. So easy I would, if you asked me today have another baby. I know... CRAZY. It's not all butterflies and roses thou, and while I may post on Facebook my successful days of baking, cleaning and organizing. I never mention the rough days. Well, today here and now I will mention it all.

I have tried everything under the sun for breastfeeding and to date we are mostly breastfed with the help of formula. Thank god for formula, I am so happy we live in a time where we have more options. Ben gets about 6-8oz of formula a day and in about another month we will introduce puree's.

Benjamin hates the car seat, like HATES the car seat. Just the word car seat makes me want to burn the fu*&ker! I have tried every strappy toy, noise makers and mirrors. I have tried singing every song I could think of, shushing and resorted to the Doodleberries or what ever they're called sing-a-long CD. A simple trip to Durham region consists of 4 pullovers, feeding in the back seat, a flare up of stress hives all over my body. And the worst of the worst I have got so beside myself that I couldn't do anything to make him calm down I physically slapped my face more then once, kinda like a dozen times. I would have physically pulled my hair if it wasn't pulled back in a ponytail. I was so shocked I got to such a mental state that it hurt my heart, and still hurts to think about it today. So from now on, I don't travel alone for longer the 10 min drives and I am now the mom you see sitting in the back with my baby. Go ahead judge.

Everything outside our car rides is so spectacular, Ben is always smiling and laughing. I have most definitely created a snuggle monster, We are truly connected, I'm talking like ET and Elliot connected. I don't feel whole unless we are together. I can't stop kissing him all over, every moment I get to lay a smooch on him I do and then add another 20. We have our evening routine of Bath, Book and Bed, and Ben loves it. Especially the Book reading. After our 3 B's the house goes into downtime, and Ben gets ready for sleepies. Wee start his first 1-2hr stretch in his travel crib and then him and I during the week move into the spare room. I'm not sure if it's because of breast milk or just that my snuggle muffin only sleeps a max of 2 hr but I can't imagine having to get out of bed to get him out of a crib, fed him, put him back to sleep and then to do it all over again in an hour. I much rather lye there, throw my boob in his mouth and go back to sleep. There is no way I would be able to function during the day, and my poor husband regardless bed or crib would have to endure the constant feeding. He would never get enough sleep to put in a productive day at work. The plan is when Ben finally sleeps for a consistent 5 hour stretch we will move him to his room, until then I will cherish our co-sleeping snugglies.

As for daddy, he is so hands on, acts goofy and plays with the tone on his voice when singing to Ben. It really is amazing to watch them together. Not only is he the best father, he is also the most amazing husband. He is a huge contributor to the upkeep of the house; laundry, chef and solely responsible for the dogs. I couldn't be my best without all that he does. 

Over the last week Benjamin has been alert so much more and is really starting to play with some of his toys. Bring on milestones, we are ready!

Lots of love
Christy Lynn & Benjamin

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Special Times

This past weekend marked James Kerr's (aka Uncle James) 30th Birthday Extravaganza, and this year we were +1. Tony and I had decided long ago that we wanted to have Benjamin be apart of our life, not for us to alter what we would normally do (all within reason). So we naturally without a doubt wouldn't miss out on the annual extravaganza. With Benjamin 10 weeks and this being our first time leaving the nest for an overnight trip I was pleasantly surprised with how well my Benny boo boo (and of course myself) did with the change. We had a great time with great friends and got so much rest and relaxation. 

Happy Birthday Uncle James xoxo

Lots of Love
Christy Lynn and Benjamin

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Unexplainable Love

I can't even describe how much I love my son. All I can say is that my heart swells with love for him. Yes swell, I can physically feel my heart stretch when he looks at me, when he falls asleep on my chest, when he smiles, or tells me his stories with coo's. I find myself kneading him with my face like an animal rubbing my scent all over him. I am very much a mother hen and loving every moment. I am the new mom that has official shared her son's washroom trials and tribulations to a complete stranger. #heeheeoops

I definitely feel like I'm starting to get into a groove and while I am still fighting to bring in more milk with supplementing through a tube and taking a prescription that has a "side effect" of increased milk supply we are well on our way. It seems to slowly be getting better so hopefully this can all be in the past soon. 

Things feel like they are slowly getting back to normal, I'm getting back to my daily puttering of dusting, cleaning and laundry. This week I have even started to exercise with Steph, we are 2 days in and my legs feel like they are going to fall off and the muscles in my lady area are tenderly tight. Last week I did sit-ups and I walked hunched back from cramping for almost 2 days. I Probably started a little too aggressively. I guess you could say I'm tired of hearing "You look great... for just having a baby" instead I'd like to hear "You look great" period. 

Anyway, other then being completely in love with my son and in love with the life I built with my husband I have nothing more at this time.