Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Kids Can Be Sooooo Darn CUTE!

Tell me you didn't LOVE LOVE LOVE this

Another Birthday Year Gone Bye

A very big Happy Birthday to my oldest Niece, who has just turned 6. WOW how time flies. I cannot get over how old she is getting. The gift of all gifts this year for her was a Nintendo DS, which brings back to the days of my Nintendo Gameboy. What a cycle our lives are. As much as things change they also stay the same. When she turns 27 she'll be wearing leg warmers that would have come and gone and come back again. ;)

Well this weekend marked not only my nieces 6th birthday but Tony and I officially are ready to commence our renovation. So we finished painting the bathrooms, which we had to do before we dry-walled the Kitchen ceiling. And we are now looking for a tapper/mudder to get our walls finished and paint ready. I'm hopeful when that gets done I will get my kitchen cupboards :). We are well on our way and hopefully we will be done in the fall. Fingers crossed forsure.

Anyway thats us in a nut shell these days.