Monday, June 14, 2010

Our EPIC Journey

WE DID IT!!!!! What an unbelievable and amazing experience that I will hold forever in my heart.

Day 1
It started out slow with a "STOP and GO motion" while over 4100 hundred participants made it out of the starting gate. Yes 4100 people. Our first checkpoint was 24.48km in and because of the slow start we as a team decided to push forward to checkpoint 2 which was at 48.87km. The checkpoints are crazy busy, and everyone's energy is so big and bright. Mom's back tire was looking a little soft so we decided to get it checked at one of the tents that offer quick tune ups, while that was happening I took the opportunity to put a little air in my tire too... opps did I do that.... yup I snapped the gauge and busted my tire. $10 later and a new tire we were back on the road.
Somewhere between this checkpoint and the Lunch Stop @ 70.12km we LOST Harry our Captain and Bruce. So onward and upward we went. Oh wait... there's Harry flying bye us, opps a little communication error, looks like we left him back at the Lunch stop for 45 min :( SORRY HARRY (It was totally mom's fault - I SWEAR)
83.28km in was check point 3, I don't remember all to much of what happened at this point. I think I was just trying to prepare myself for the 7.2km consistent incline up the Hamilton Escarpment that was fast approaching. Or trying to avoid the rain that was nipping at our feet all day. (Auntie Jane your "Rain Dance" worked)
The last 21.3km were the longest for me out of the entire journey, not only did it include the uphill Escarpment (which I made) but it was also the half where all the volunteers kept saying "Your almost there - it's just around the corner" I got this big energy burst and pushed forward with Harry until I slowly I went from a "Blazing Fire" to "A Little Engine That Could" slowly putt putting away. I remember thinking am I almost there, oh please be around this corner... and you would think if the final stop was at Mohawk College that Mohawk College would reside on say Mohawk Rd. While you think wrong! AND SO DO I :(
104.58km closed out our Day 1 Ride, missing the rain by a mere 15min. YES!

Day 2
It had just pretty much finished raining when we got back to camp (headquarters) for breakfast and to set out for Day 2. By about 7:45ish we were officially on the road with a better team plan. Everyone stops and regroups at all pit stops.
oooo aaaa ooo aaaa was the sounds we made leaving camp - we were sore and already feeling it. I was already feeling a migraine before we left the hotel that morning and by checkpoint 1 (29.50km) I was ready to be sick (and sick I was) 2 Extra Strength Tylonal, a gravel and a big motive to get down the mountain we moved on.
54.73km - The Lunch Stop - I could KISS them. We pulled up to the stop to find Harry and Bruce holding our lunches. They waited in the line for us already, what amazing men they are! Pit Stop 2 (72.52km) and Pit Stop 3 (93.40km) came and went with singing, and great chats, really good high and really bad lows. Let me tell you the high's where amazing... we were booting it and the low's were terribly low. And while we certainly tried to keep the spirits up and the motivation strong we all had our moments. And honestly at 114.48km is was all washed away as we approached the finish line packed with cheering fans, family and friends. And with welling eyes and kisses all around we made this journey ALL AS ONE team, and ALL FOR ONE cause.

I wanted to say a special Thank-You to Harry our Captain, firstly for being just that.. OUR CAPTAIN. I can not express how amazing you are, with your support, motivation, encouragement and constant care for our health and well being. I will forever hold you in my heart. You held us together and pushed us forward the whole way, we couldn't have asked for a better leader.
And secondly what were you thinking when you agreed to do a RIDE with 3 mouthy Sidey's. All my love Christy.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

It's Game Time

Holy crap I want to pee my pants. It is finally here, what I have been training for over the past year has come. I have packed my overnight bag, my bike plates are on, and my fundraising is 106% complete! Now all I have time to do is reflex on my journey thus far. Feel free to walk down memory lane with me;

All I have to say is WOW. What a long way I have come. It really goes to show that WITH a little determination, heart, an amazing family, and the best friends anyone could ever ask for – you can do anything your heart desires.

So Where is my Head At?
I would consider myself to be an athlete, I have participated in the Nationals and the Winter Games for Squash, I was a "Center" in Ringette (that was before girls were allowed to play hockey), and I was on my high school Badminton team. So why am I so nervous about being able to finishing this ride. I have no doubt my competitiveness will kick in when I need it too, and I am not an easily defeated person. But man am I starting to feel a huge sense of Holy F&^$*&% SH*!

So it's no secret to anyone that this ride is going to be a wet one, and because my sister has been praying for rain the entire week as she doesn't like to sweat or for whatever reason she has... we are going to get WET (yes I am blaming the rain on my sister). And while that could discourage most, I am not phased about the rain. Sure it's not ideal, but my excitement is still in the fore front. So... I may finish the race a drowned rat, but what I will walk away with is a whole lot more. I will walk away knowing; I (we) have made a difference, that I have the strength to encourage, participate and be apart of something bigger then anything I have ever done. And an amazing journey that I will have shared with my sister and mother.

I do want to say thank you so much to all of you, not only for your part in my fundraising, but for all your support, morale and encouragement. You have no idea the impact you all have made in my training, my heart and my life.

All My Love

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Mavericks 4th Birthday

Puppy Love

Oh how I wish I could say that this is an addition to our family because he is so UBER CUTE! This is Sandra and James' new baby boy "Porkchop" or as I have nicknamed as Porkster.

Friday, June 4, 2010


I wanted to share some exciting news with you all, I have officially hit 100% of my fundraising requirement, and I owe a HUGE thanks to all of you.

Thank you for being there for me.