Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Holy moly... my most spectacular little guy is 14 weeks. What a crazy climb to 14 weeks, the headline says it all. I feel like a natural mom, truly in sync with Benjamin. I have to say Benjamin for the most part makes being a mom almost too easy. So easy I would, if you asked me today have another baby. I know... CRAZY. It's not all butterflies and roses thou, and while I may post on Facebook my successful days of baking, cleaning and organizing. I never mention the rough days. Well, today here and now I will mention it all.

I have tried everything under the sun for breastfeeding and to date we are mostly breastfed with the help of formula. Thank god for formula, I am so happy we live in a time where we have more options. Ben gets about 6-8oz of formula a day and in about another month we will introduce puree's.

Benjamin hates the car seat, like HATES the car seat. Just the word car seat makes me want to burn the fu*&ker! I have tried every strappy toy, noise makers and mirrors. I have tried singing every song I could think of, shushing and resorted to the Doodleberries or what ever they're called sing-a-long CD. A simple trip to Durham region consists of 4 pullovers, feeding in the back seat, a flare up of stress hives all over my body. And the worst of the worst I have got so beside myself that I couldn't do anything to make him calm down I physically slapped my face more then once, kinda like a dozen times. I would have physically pulled my hair if it wasn't pulled back in a ponytail. I was so shocked I got to such a mental state that it hurt my heart, and still hurts to think about it today. So from now on, I don't travel alone for longer the 10 min drives and I am now the mom you see sitting in the back with my baby. Go ahead judge.

Everything outside our car rides is so spectacular, Ben is always smiling and laughing. I have most definitely created a snuggle monster, We are truly connected, I'm talking like ET and Elliot connected. I don't feel whole unless we are together. I can't stop kissing him all over, every moment I get to lay a smooch on him I do and then add another 20. We have our evening routine of Bath, Book and Bed, and Ben loves it. Especially the Book reading. After our 3 B's the house goes into downtime, and Ben gets ready for sleepies. Wee start his first 1-2hr stretch in his travel crib and then him and I during the week move into the spare room. I'm not sure if it's because of breast milk or just that my snuggle muffin only sleeps a max of 2 hr but I can't imagine having to get out of bed to get him out of a crib, fed him, put him back to sleep and then to do it all over again in an hour. I much rather lye there, throw my boob in his mouth and go back to sleep. There is no way I would be able to function during the day, and my poor husband regardless bed or crib would have to endure the constant feeding. He would never get enough sleep to put in a productive day at work. The plan is when Ben finally sleeps for a consistent 5 hour stretch we will move him to his room, until then I will cherish our co-sleeping snugglies.

As for daddy, he is so hands on, acts goofy and plays with the tone on his voice when singing to Ben. It really is amazing to watch them together. Not only is he the best father, he is also the most amazing husband. He is a huge contributor to the upkeep of the house; laundry, chef and solely responsible for the dogs. I couldn't be my best without all that he does. 

Over the last week Benjamin has been alert so much more and is really starting to play with some of his toys. Bring on milestones, we are ready!

Lots of love
Christy Lynn & Benjamin