Friday, October 17, 2008

A Big Thank You

So my little sister was texting me this morning and want to see the pics from the Demolition Party, so I thought what a great way to get the huge amount of gratitude Tony and I have towards all of you for your hard work. We couldn't have done this without all of you, and you have all made a big difference. I do also wanna say an enormous Thank You to you "Momasita", you surprise me every day with your strength and determination. And your never ending will to not give up. You jumped in with both feet and kept me afloat during the first 3 days and for that I will forever be in your debt. (But I choose how I wanna repay you FYI I don't do dishes or cook :)) So enjoy the pics below cause it sure has been fun up to this point.

Love to you all
Christy and Tony

Mel I swear we still have these slacks..... For now (hee hee) 
Robert thats not very nice to try and hit Andy, Play nice please.

Oppps did we fill it too high?

Moma really how sore were we lol
She keeps going....
and going.....
and still going.

How many nails do you think it took to built that house. Way to many screws to hang up a valance.
You sure did defeat that valance, that sucker came down after 2 hours of pure determination 
(on momas side)

Clearly this is me saying moma doesn't know how to take a tub off a truck. 

Liquid medication, worked every day.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

House Poor And So Happy :)

Where do I begin...

My husband and I have been trying to get into the beaches area for 2 years now and finally we found a house that we could afford, it needed some work but we thought we could handle it.

We made our closing of our new house 2 months later then our closing of our previous house so we could save up money for renovation we also took out a big line of credit. So now it was 2 months of getting quotes and confirming contractor.

We were on a fun ride of purchase sinks, vanities, and faucet, while getting quotes for kitchens and shopping for appliances, that is until a week before our closing the lawyer informed us of the increase in land transfer taxes in toronto. Our lawyer fees ended up to be a nice grand total of $XX,XXX a combination of land transfer taxes, layer fees and mortgage fees. So after a long talk we thought it's okay we'll just have to do more ourselves and save to do our kitchen at a later date.

We had already booked our roofer, and contractor so I called the contractor and had made alterations to his services. He now is taking care of the electrical, plumbing, venting, powder room, and master bathroom for the price of $XX,XXX

We made a deal that we would take care of the demolition of our house so the plumber and electrician had access to the inside of the walls.

So now we are at the realization that we have no handyman skills or the money (in fact we are going to be a little short and might have to take money out of our visa to pay the contractor what we owe him).

We are left with a house that has no insulation, drywall, kitchen or kitchen floor.

Through all of this we are still living with my husbands parents and I am starting to feel the treads of patience unwind. I'm feeling very overwhelmed as I talked my husband into a reno house and now we are feeling the tension of living with bare walls and no money. Did i mention the concern of my dog (pug) and his saftey while we safe up enough money to continue what we had planned.

The realization has really hit me this week when a simple coffee is a luxury I can't afford.

Please please help us, this email has really put a reality check on the entire situation and my stomach is now in my throat.

thank you and should you decide we are not for you, know that we appreciate the consideration and as long as we stick together I know we will get through it.

All the best.
Christy Nguyen

(as you are probably wondering this is our entry letter to yet another TV show)