Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Weekend of Sleep

Well, this weekend was so much needed and while we had a great turkey dinner at my sisters house all Tony and I did was SLEEP. Don't get me wrong totally not trying to rub it into those that are and have been sleep deprived recently but did our bodies shut down or what.

Friday started the day with waking up about 8:30am had some good old Lucky Charms and coffee lol then back to bed we went until 11:30am where we proceeded to eat lunch and take the dog to the beach for the afternoon. We enjoyed it so much we ended up walking for 3 hours until our legs felt like they were gonna fall off. 4pm we decided we needed a nap.... oh what a good nap. Woke up about 7ish ate again and watched movies while enjoying a little wine.

Saturday's day started much like Friday with coffee and Lucky Charms only after breakfast we had to do some running around for our family Easter dinner at Nikki's... we were on dessert and buns. The afternoon was our official easter egg hunt for the kids which was a big success as always. We ate a great turkey dinner and the day was eventful to say the least. We wrapped it up with packaging the turkey which Nikki and I did with a lot of laughter and mess. lol 7:30pm brought as back home and by 8pm both Tony and I were asleep for the night. Oh what a sleep.

Sunday's day started a little earlier as we went to bed much earlier then normal, but same routine of good old Lucky Charms and Coffee. We finally put the door stopper on the bathroom door upstairs. And I totally raked up the leaves finally in the front yard along with house debree. It really is coming along I think though. We took Giz back down to the beach today too. Only this time he pee'd on me. Can you believe it! I was so mad at him for doing it, not the pee but that he pee'd on me. What a little bugger. Now I have to yet again dry clean my winter coat for the 4th time this season... don't ask you really don't want to know. Anywhoooo, I just got up from another nap and thought I'd quickly get this up before I start working. So have a great week all, mine will be surprisingly busy again. Well in hind sight it will make the week go by faster and my main floors being finished sooner.

Missed those of you that couldn't make it out for easter this year. xoxo
Talk soon.


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Upstairs phase Complete

Let me tell you what a whole new world I'm sleeping in (guess living in too). Not only am I off the air mattress and on my big most comfy bed but I get to walk around with bare-feet "yyyyesssss". Were on the final stretch to a long long long break. (did I mention a long break coming up) This past week my brother-in-law (Chris Card) and my dashingly handsome husband started and finished our upstairs flooring. And boy does it look fantastic. What a pick me up new floors can do for construction living. I can hardly wait for the floors downstairs to be completed. I wanna pee I'm so excited. Anyway a big big big thank-you goes out to Chris for all his hard work this past weekend it was much appreciated. Tony and I are very greatful.

Now I'd like to talk briefly about my new admiration and respect for my big sister being a mother of 3. HOLY COW, so with Chris being at my house all weekend my job was to help my sister with the kids. Easy you'd say..... relaxing you'd say.... quality time you'd say.....

Ya, you would say all that and more, but you weren't there. After about 29 hours of what I thought would be a piece of cake or at least a chance for somewhat of downtime turned out to be the most exhausting, non-stop, mild mental breakdown and the question of the day. "Nikki, How do you do this EVERYDAY?" with a bit of tears in my eyes. And when she told me I could go home I actually couldn't leave, I couldn't leave my sister with 3 kids on her own. I couldn't fathem the thought of her doing this all by herself, not for 1 hour, 1 day, or 1 month. I honestly don't know how she does it. Please don't get me wrong I love my nieces and nephews and they are my whole world I wouldn't trade or givem up. Not for a nano second. But 3 kids all-day everyday takes an extrodinary woman.... my sister.

Well with that said, here are some pics of our floors. And anxiously awaiting for the rest to be finished.