Monday, September 28, 2009

365 days..... and still married

Well it has been 365 days since we officially started our renovations. And I'm proud to report that Tony and I are still happily married. This journey has been full of hopes, dreams, blood, sweat, tears, and a BIG reality check. I'd like to start with mom was right "money doesn't grow on trees". Too bad eh. When we started this project we had a vision with the i dotted and the t's crossed. To bad our dreams relied on contractors. With more delays then I'd like to say out loud and more money then a tree can grow our fantasy of a fully reno'd house by summers end came to a crashing halt. So with a few minor reality checks and Tony and I being our stronger halves we buckled down and came to terms with a revised and prolonged reno plan. The overall plan of attack.... We wait till we can afford it out right. So I guess the christmas dinner will have to wait till next year...... fingers crossed anyway.

What have we learned along the way;
- Every project we started took 100x longer then expected
- Always, always get 3 quotes
- Expect the unexpected
- Friends and family make cheap labour
- Carrying 62 sheets of drywall in the house is heavy
- I have muscles I never knew existed
- Tony and I can get through anything together. Except Amazing Race (He's a terrible navigator) ;)

Without further ado, below is a progression called
"Our labour of love"

The Before

The Demo


Move In

The Brick Wall

Christmas Status



The Stairs

The Floors

Painting out the doors

The After

So what's left you ask
Door jams, window and door trims, a kitchen, and a front door (Back door is bought and waiting to be installed.)

Thank you to everyone who has been a big help during this past year, we love you all so much and are so greatful to have you in our lives.