Monday, April 26, 2010

Training Update - RIDE to Conquer Cancer

So I thought some of my readers would be interested in my training progress, and well it has been a few months since my last update. My training is going well and I feel pretty confident to say "on track". I have taken it on the road since my last update so that means no more spinning classes. But what a difference between spin classes and actual road riding. My first ride of the season felt so raw... I was actually moving, I felt bumps... I turned the handle bars.... and of course there may have been a wipe out. All is good though, I have come along way since my first ride of the season.

For the last 2 months I have been riding on and off to work (35km round trip & weather permitted). For those of you that are not familiar with the beaches every street between Queen St. and Kingston Rd. are all varying different degrees of a ginormous hill. I have yet to make it all the way up, however I feel like today is the day that I will accomplish this hurdle.

On Easter weekend I took my bike up to my moms in the Kawarthas and biked for almost 2 hrs. I'm thinking it was probably about 25km. It was mostly flat roads with a few big hills'. Most recently (this past weekend) my team and I did a 50km ride in Richmond Hill. I have a new respect for the words "50km"... holy crap it's far. So here I'm thinking 50km is like riding my bike to Ajax... I'm totally ready for that.... what a reality check. It's more like to Ajax and back again. lol

The road just seems to go on forever and ever, just as we would get to the top of the hill there was another one and, another one, and another... are you getting the picture yet? Try being the one doing the ride. I swear there was never more then 10 feet of a straight away. I have to admit most of our team was struggling a little, but we did it! And I figure if I tackled all those hills then surely I can tackle the one in the beach.... so stay tooned.

Walking away from our ride this past weekend (and we did walk away.. in one piece) we learned, we need more hill training, and longer rides in general. We also learned we are stronger together.. whether it's belting out "your the inspiration" by Chicago to mom as she came up to the halfway mark, or closing in on the finish line singing "we are the champions". We keep together, pushed, encouraged and lifted each others spirits the whole way. And I will remember what we achieved that day... STRENGTH.

Strength as individuals, strength in numbers, and strength as a family.

Anyone up for a RIDE this weekend?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Claire Payton Mackintosh

It's a GIRL!
Born on April 22nd, 2010 at 3:17pm at a healthy weight of 7lbs 13oz.

It's the season for baby's and my longest close girlfriend just had her second baby.

We are so happy for you both xo

Monday, April 19, 2010

Liam Andrew Sheridan

Yup - IT'S A BOY
Born on April 19th 2010 at 11:01 am.

After about 13 hours of labour my bestie gave birth to my nephew -Liam. Mom and baby are doing great and already at home. (As if that's even humanly possible.)

Born 7lbs. 6oz., just over 19" long and perfect in every way.

Andge sounded great on the phone I would never have known she popped out a kid mere hours earlier. I can't wait to see the little guy!

We are so happy for you both.


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

So we did it... We booked our last minute trip on Thursday April 8th at 6pm and our flight took off on Friday April 9th @ 4:35pm. With our carry on bags that consisted of the bare essentials and our e-ticket we took off for a week of what we planned to be nothing but lying in the sand and throwing our hair to the wind.. we can both do that now that Tony's hair is longer lol ;)

What can I say about our trip to Puerto Vallerta...
Well we got hustled before we got out of the airport, yup HUSTLED. We were ushered over to a counter in the airport which we thought was where we were suppose to check in for our escort to our hotel. Nope it wasn't we walked out with a 2x 1 hr massage at a 5 star hotel and a snorkeling trip all for $80 and a "90 min" hotel tour.

When we got to the hotel we soon found out that we had arrived on the end of the Mexican Spring Break (thank goodness it was only busy for a day and then we had the run of the hotel)

So for 2 days we laid, sun tanned and just veg'ed out.

Monday came and it was time for our "90 min" hotel tour ending with our massages. Ok so lets talk about this hotel tour... you would think that a hotel tour would mean an escorted trip around the hotel to check out their rooms, and amenities wouldn't you. Well what they didn't mention was that the hotel tour was actually a "Timeshare" Scam. They spent 3hrs trying to convince Tony and I to buy timeshares for the hotel. Their first offer was $28,000 then $8,900 with a final offer of $2,200. I guess our message and snorkeling trip deal started feeling like less of a deal and more like a mistake. Throwing your hair in the wind I guess has it's up and downs ;)

We ended our Monday at the flea market and a beautiful walk back to our hotel on the beach. Our Tuesday was spent in town as well checking out the local activities and capturing a beautiful sunset.

Wednesday was our snorkel trip and private beach adventure, the only good things that came from this trip was the schools of Dolphins that our under water camera hopefully captured and the private beach. The whole day was mostly spent getting shuttled on and off the boat every 1-2 hours via fishing boats. What an ordeal! To top it off on the way home from the marina we took a local bus and an old man tried to pick pocket Tony.. until I kneed him and yelled EXCUSE ME!

Thursday the best day of our entire trip, we heard about this beach "Sayulita" on the other side of the island that was suppose to be worth the 1hr local bus trip. And that 2 days ago there was a Surfing Competition there, and the sand was so much nicer. So we thought what could we really have to lose, it couldn't get much worse then the TIme Share experience, or the hundred times being shuttled on and off a boat... This place was amazing, Tony and I got surf lessons and surf our afternoon away. We have enjoyed over 11 years of sharing experiences and new learnings together and this is one I would totally repeat.

Who would have thought the girl with fears of open water would willingly go and spend an entire afternoon splashing in an ocean on a surf board. I guess I will let you all know now before Tony writes a comment because god forbid I should forget to mention that in the school of surfing yes Tony is far better then I am. With him being the first one up on the board and the most time getting up on the board, sadly I have to admit most of my time was knee boarding or bailing. (Happy honey bunny the whole world is now aware you are better then me at surfing ;))

Overall, Tony and I like always walk away with amazing memories (good and bad) and this trip was just what we both needed. Time away from the rest of the world, our house, our work, our daily routines and most of all CHEAP.

The first video is me feeding the Iguana because Tony was too chicken to let him take the flower out of his hand, well.. until he saw me do it first. lol The second is of Tony feeding the Iguana and the last video is local entertainment in town that we just happened to see while we were window shopping.