Friday, September 3, 2010

Kitchen Is Complete

The day has come that our home is no longer referred to a house under construction. Hip Hip Hurray! While we still require a stove, baseboards and curtains. We are; as I have been dying to say, DONE!

There has been more then just a Kitchen Renovation that has been going on during this path month. I am no longer an employee at MacLaren McCann. I have accepted a Senior Designer Position with 6 Degrees Integrated Communication. I am really looking forward to this new chapter in my career, one that I have been working really hard for. My first day will be the 7th of September.

Tony and I have been celebrating everything from my birthday, our anniversary, Tan's birthday and my new job. Along with baby-sitting Savanna for week. And next weekend we will have Maverick. We are as a BF would say been very busy.

Anyway, that's been my world for the past 30 or so days, whats been going on in yours?

Lots of love

PS: Wanted to share the cover of my good-bye card my work people made for me. LOVE IT!