Sunday, July 17, 2011

Family Update

Well, it has been awhile since I have posted an update about Gizmo and Tedi, who by the way are adjustive just like siblings (play fighting, sharing a sleep in the afternoon sun and of course parental jealousy). Tony and I early in the new year had decided to switch our little guys onto a Raw food diet, and since the change we have seen some big differences. Especially with Gizmo who of course had the most to gain from it, mostly because of his age. What's different with Gizmo - we got him down to a healthy weight (even back into his old harness) his teeth are so much cleaner making his breath much more tolerable. Gizmo's energy has elevated and his fur is puppy soft. On our last appointment to the vets Dr. Cogswell said she has never seen a dog go from looking adult to looking like a puppy again.

On another note, Tedi has just recently graduated Puppy obedience (insert happy dance here) thank goodness. Now we just need to keep it up. She is still our little monster, and she still tests us, but it is getting much better.

Enjoy the pics
Lots of love

Christy Lynn

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Player of the Game

What a wonderful treat it was to see my nephew play soccer this past weekend. And the perfect day to watch as my man got "Player of the Game" It must have been the warm up he did with Uncle Tony lol, I was so worried he'd be too tuckered out after they finished horsing around. I think I would def be a "sport mom". You know the crazy lady sitting on the sidelines screaming words of encouragement. Trying to drown out the opposing mom do the same thing - bahaha. It must be that darn competitive streak in me. I sure do turn everything into a game, it's how I was built!

Maverick - Aunty is very proud of you and how well you played on Friday.

Love you very much, and I hope you enjoyed having Uncle Tony and I there to cheer you on.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Canada Day & Poops 1/2 Birthday

Just what I needed, family time! What a fabulous day full of laughter, memories, food and Margarita's. Margarita's you ask? Yes that is my dearest poopie's favourite summertime drink, he even has his very own MargaritaVille shaker. Thus, we found it appropriate to have a MargaritaVille Party in honour of his new 1/2 Birthday Celebration.

So Happy Birthday Canada, and Happy 1/2 Birthday Poops.
Also wish I took a picture, Becca made the most amazing MargaritaVille t-shirt that everyone got to sign. A perfect topping to the celebration.

Love you all