Thursday, September 6, 2012

Busy bee

The big 6 months is a mere week away and we have hit plenty more milestones, done so much around the house and I even launched a business. My head is still spinning it's all happening/going so fast.

First lets talk about Ben as he is my first priority and hopefully if all goes well, it will allow me to spend more time with him. We have some what of a routine. Not that it will stick for any length of time. Ben is on a full list of puree's now: Banana, Zucchini, Pear, Apple, Sweet Potato, Squash, Brown Rice and Avocado. He is sitting up on his own for a few minutes at a time now, and worms himself on his tummy around the family room playing with toys. Right now his favourite is the music drums. I have his tired cry down pat! It kinda sounds like a reggae song "oh na na na na, oh na na na na." And if I need to hold off an oncoming cry I sing "Hokey Pokey" usually he's on to me by the time I get through all the limps and the whole body lol. Sometimes 3 little monkeys will work too, but only 3 don't even try 5. ;) My favourite game and I think his too would be "I Gotta Secret!" I go from ear to ear whispering "I gotta Secret" "Wanna hear my secret" and then when he tenses his shoulders cause he knows whats coming and starts a pre giggle I snuggle down in the nape of his neck and growl, snort and kiss super fast and he shrieks with laughter right from the bottom of his gut. It's honestly priceless!
I would do it all day just to hear that laugh.

Now let's talk about the launching of my new business "Christy Lynn Photography and Design." I feel like it has been a long time coming and perfect timing. I have the next 6 months to build a portfolio and bring in work. I'm off to a steady start and I pray it gets better and busier. I have every intention in going back to work, my worry is that there may not be enough work to take me on full time. So at the very least this allows me to do part time at work so I can spend more time with Ben (less daycare) and still bring in a little extra cash with my business. Time really will only tell and a conversation with my previous employer. Anyway, here is a little of what has been going on at Christy Lynn Photography and Design.

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