Thursday, November 29, 2012

Time flies

I know it has been such a long time since I last posted, and to be honest I have come here 3 times to write a post and each time I don't know where to start because so much is happening so fast.

Tony and I can't even understand how fast Ben is growing up. He has hit so many milestones and at such an early age. We/Benjamin is fully mobile; crawling and walking around furniture, recently we went from crawling up the stairs to now stepping up the stairs. And this week he's working on standing on his own! Holy Sh!T I can't believe it.

Ben has a bottom tooth out and another beside it on it's way. He's a great eater for the most part, absolutely loves avacado and when we stick to routine everything works like a charm. We were sleeping 6-6 but since the time change he is now 5-5, can't really complain thou, 12 hours is 12 hours so I'm grateful for that.

We got through our first cold, not sure what worked best as we just used them all. HydroSense, Vicks rub, Vicks plug-in, Vicks in a bowl of boiling water, humidifier and Coryzila. It's so hard to see your precious baby suffer from a cold and you really can't do much about it. 

That's pretty much the Coles notes of our last few months, here are some pics and videos.

Lots of Love
Christy and Benjamin

Recorded on September 2nd 2012, age: 6 months

Trying to crawl
Recorded on October 13th 2012, age: 7 months

Pulling himself up
Recorded on October 18th 2012, age: 7 months

Eating breakfast
Recorded on October 31st 2012, age: 7.5 months

Climbing the stairs
Recorded on November 2nd 2012, age: 7.5 months

Walking with assistance
Recorded on November 8th 2012, age: almost 8 months

Standing on his own
Recorded on November 29th 2012, age: almost 8.5 months

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Anonymous said...

he's getting so big so fast ;) I love your little munchkin so much xoxox
Andge xoxo