Monday, March 30, 2009

What a week, a mighty mighty tough week.

I can't even think straight my days are running into each other, so let me break it down.

Saturday March 21st
Got home about 9pm ish after Becca and Lola's Bday Party
Cleaned and mopped the floors about 10 times so we sleep on the air matress.

Sunday March 22nd
Primed all walls and ceilings on both floors

Monday March 23rd
Painted the mail floor ceiling x2

Tuesday March 24th
Trimmed the upstairs ceiling

Wednesday March 25th
Tony painted the upstairs ceiling x2
Christy Trimmed and painted the main floor walls x2

Thursday March 26th
Tony trimmed and painted upstairs hallway walls x2
Christy trimmed and painted the master bedrm walls x2

Friday March 27th
Set up the kitchen and got our sink back finally. Things are starting to get back to normal. (funny that my vision on normal is much different then it would have been a year ago.)
After the kitchen got put back together and I got the coffee ready for the next morning, Tony and I played a little Rummy 500, which of course I kicked his ass in.

Saturday March 28th
Rod Started moving our heating vents around for better circulation on the mail floor. What a difference we noticed even just that evening.
Tony and I tore up the upstairs floor and de-nailed it :(

Sunday March 29th
What's my name.... am I still alive.... have I been hit by a bus?????
I have never been so sore in my life well maybe once when I was playing squash but seriously... I got up to go pee really early in the morning and I was so sore that I didn't even want to temp getting back in bed just to get up in an hour because I was that sore. lol
Thank goodness for Tan who came and saved the day... Tony and Tan tore up the main floor and Tony spent about 4 hours de-nailing it by-himself cause I had to get some work done. What a trooper he was.

Coming up this week....
Delivery of 30 sheet of plywood that Tone and I have to bring in
Put screws in floor to reduce the chance of squeeky floors in the future (Tony's doing that now shhh)
We have a garbage bin being delivered on Thursday which we then have to fill up with all the left over drywall and flooring
Chris is dropping of 50 boxes of flooring this week
And last but not least start laying down our new floors.

......well that is the day and life of Tony and Christy these days.

Stay tuned for our new floor pictures :)
love to you all

The next few photos are taken every hour just to give you an idea of how long it took to pull the nails out

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Light at the end of the Tunnel

So I swung by the house on my way home today and I'm was sooooo excited to see how much has been done. Only a few more days and were back home priming and painting our walls. I can't believe how close we are, it's extremely uplifting to know that once we finish the painting we are moving onto the floor. And then once the floor is finished we can complete our railing. And that means that our first contractor can move past our building permit. And we can chop that experience up as a learning curve.

Anyway I'm excited and can't wait for the next month to fly by so I can have pretty floors. I have a picture of the floors but I want to wait until they are in before I show them. So you just have to wait.

Bye for now

oh ya Happy St. Patty's Day ya'll

Monday, March 9, 2009

Going to be MIA

I can't believe it has been nearly a month since my last post, I feel like I have blinked and yet another month has gone bye. Work is crazy busy, and with the all my weekends booked up, this past weekend marks the last weekend that I arrange plans weeks in advance. From this moment I'm living day to day. I find myself wishing days, weeks even months away just because I'm anticipating an upcoming event or gathering. I really try so hard to see everyone that means so much too me and I find that once I get through the cycle of friends and family, it just starts all over again. I love you all very much but I think I may go off the radar for a little. So please be patient with me as I try to live a less thought out life as I swear (and promise to my husband) from this day forward I live moment to moment. You did see that I said TRY right ;)

The following pics are from the past couple weekends, where I got to participate in Nikki's first Drinking reunion from the birth of her son, Tony finishing up the last of the To Do's before mudding and tapping commences (oh don't forget to inspect the 1914 penny we found) kinda crazy to think that long ago that penny would have bought so much in it's day, you could say that it's like finding a hundred dollar bill 100 years from now. Last but not least our most recent Girls night, which I had started to tag as our "Kickin it old school" but sadly we were just plan feeling old, and despite it - it was just perfect, which just emphasis the OLD again. We should have been labeled "5 ladies and cute baby boy" lol

Enjoy and until my next loves to you all