Sunday, June 28, 2009

Mr. & Mrs Andrew Sheridan

What a beautiful day, and beautiful couple. The day went off like clock work, it was relaxing, calm, emotional and full of love.
What a great honor it is to be standing up for a truly great friend as she chooses the path of her life. I wish you both all the happiness in the world and I love you both very much.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Woofstock 09

So this past weekend was the annual Woofstock Festival which is great little place to buy your yearly dog necessities or for me just a place to go see all different breeds of dogs. It was also the weekend that I got my "Besty" all to myself. We celebrated her birthday which I think she feels is long forgotten by everyone, but really is not. We started the evening with a great venture to the beach with the dogs (mostly to tucker them out) then on the way back picked up Thai food and I surprised her with a little slice of cheese cake with a candle on top. (oh of course I sang Happy Birthday) Then we just sat outside and drank wine and talked about .... really you think I'd tell you that ;) we talked about what besty's talk about "Life". Anyway the next morning was so nice we took our time and went through a pot of coffee and just puttered around until about 11:30. Then off to Woofstock we went, and what a beautiful day it was. All in all the weekend was so great.

Thanks my love muffin for coming down and spending so much time with me this weekend. Happy Birthday and love you sooo much. And remember just cause your a Bride to be doesn't mean you can't be a birthday girl too. If you don't celebrate your Birthday I heard that "they" will strip the day away from the calendar year and your birthday will be lost forever.

Love ya so so much

Monday, June 8, 2009

Big Post

So this past weekend was such a great weekend, filled with family and friends. I started Saturday off with the celebration of my nephews 3rd Birthday and ended with my best friends stagette. There was tones of fun, laughter and plenty of love.

Highlights of the day
1) Maverick singing "Happy birthday to himself"
2) Maverick trying to drive a truck across his birthday cake
3) Swinging Maverick around and listening to his big laughs
4) Watching Tan act like a kid ;)
5) Tony and I playing with the electronic floor
(sometimes we all just wanna be kids)
6) Pinning Cocks on Andy's body (the little itty bitty ones where the funniest) Sorry Andy
7) Making a Wedding dress out of toilet paper
8) Crazy Bus lady
9) Drink in groups of 3 in bathroom stalls at the Bier Market and leaving the bottles in the dispensors
10) Trading my bracelet for a ring to a guy on his stag
11) Dancing on the platform at Devils Martini
12) Walking in my barefeet along King St waiting for my Husband
13) MCD run that I think saved me in the morning

Andges Stagette