Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Blood, Sweat and Tears – Oh and Splinters

Why does a man always go to the trust "Duct Tape" for quick repairs? lol so Tony noticed a hole in our vent on the roof at the front of the house and for temperary measure hung from the window and patched it with duct tape. It was so awesome (funny awesome)

This is what happens when you get excited and forget to vapour seal the area in which your about to sand. We learned our lesson after the 3 hours clean up. lol

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The "inbetweens" of our Renovations

So although we are heavily into Renovations we have had time to stop and enjoy other things in life. I have been there to support my sister in a big step in her and her families life when she received her "Masters" in nursing which I'm sure took a lot of sacrefices from her and her family. I am so proud of her for pushing through and for her amazing opportunity that resulted in her thesis paper. Moma and I also took a little time out to watch the strongest woman in the entire world bring down the house and come out of retirement for one last tour. A woman that I would like to say reminds me of my mother :) (brownie points for me) Did I mention what takes FIVE Spice Girls to manage takes only 1 Tina Turner to trump - "GIRL POWER".

I also enjoyed a beautiful baby shower for my best-friend, which was surrounded by an abundance of joy and love.. and a game that I beat everyone at. I'M JUST SAYING for the record. ;) I watched my nephews Christmas Concert which was so cute (Who knew watching your nephew cry while dancing around a Christmas tree would turn out so cute), and also managed to catch the Santa Clause parade with my nieces and new nephew Zander, despite the fridged cold weather all in all I had a great time.

Love to you all and thanks for sharing these moments with me.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Phase one complete

Well this past weekend was a big weekend for us, as we are 98% complete with Phase one of our renovations. A big relief we are finally here and things are starting to feel like a natural flow of living. Although there is no drywall and it looks a little mahemish it really is better then ever. Amazing what a finished bathroom can do to your spirit. I find myself spending a little extra time in the shower mostly because I feel like I'm in a different world and as a open the door back to reality I can't help but get excited for the day that the view outside of the bathroom matches the view inside lol.

Hopefully Phase Two (drywall) will continue during or shortly after the Christmas holidays. Hip hip hurray.
And on a separate note I just wanna thank all of you for the enormous amount of support we have been getting from all our family and friends it really goes along way and helps us moving forward.

All my love

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

It's getting so close

So I think finally we are in the home stretch of our bathrooms being complete. We have a toilet upstairs now and the vanity is in, however not working as of yet, but who knows when we get home maybe we can brush our teeth in a sink. lol And Toe-knee you can finally get up in the middle of the night to go pee cause I know how much you didn't want to go downstairs and would hold it until your alarm went off. Silly goose. We also have more lights operational and a smoke detector. yeahhhhhhhh.

I'm hoping my next post will be when our first phase is complete, fingers crossed.

Don't worry baby, it's almost done.

Monday, November 17, 2008

All Moved In

So the time has come that we are officially moved in and par-taking in what we call "indoor camping". Tony and I are really excited to be at this point in the renovations as there are still things that need to be completed, but we do have a sink in the basement, a toilet on the main floor and a shower upstairs lol. We have learned to impravise, such as brushing our teeth during our shower and saving all the dirty dishes until the end of the day. We have started a pretty good system and with time it will only get better. Yesterday we finally got outlets on the main floor, our bedroom and in the main bathroom. It only gets better and easier from here..... RIGHT?? But all jokes aside we are really happy and excited to be where we both feel at home. Now we just need to get the bathrooms done so the last member of our family can join us, our beloved "Mo-mo" This has been the hardest part for me, being away from my baby. So fingers crossed that by friday we will have our 2 bathrooms and no contractors. Wishful thinking most likely but one can only hope.

I just wanted to take a quick moment and also say thanks to my family that was a huge help during the move, you guys are so good to Tony and I and we really appreciate all your help and support. 

This is when we failed our building inspection - clearly. Which we have since passed.

Our first date on friday in our new house, just what we both needed.