Saturday, January 28, 2012

Recreated Photo Shoot

Today was our Maternity Photo Shoot and Tony and I are so excited to see the photos! Great news... they could be online for us to view and choose as soon as tomorrow. And because I'm even that impatient we went and did an amateur recreation after she left just so we could see what they would kind of look like... and I did go through the trouble of putting my face on (make-up) and doing my hair.

Here are 4 of 79 that we approve of. lol and just to give an idea.

I wanted to say a special Thank You from the bottom of my heart to my girls Andrea, Christine, Amanda and Sarah for this beautiful gift that I will always cherish. Tony and I are so grateful to have this precious moment forever.

Lots of Love
Christy Lynn

Amendment to this BLOG
We have just received a sneak peak from the photographer, and the pictures are now uploaded here below our amateur shots.

Our Sneak Peak

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Collingwood Vacation

My exceptionally amazing husband, who does absolutely everything under the sun for me, whisked me away for a 3.5 days of one-on-one time. Which we are both guessing will be the last time for a very very long time.

We spent the days walking through the village, eating... and more eating (Beavertail was heavenly delicious), hit the outdoor hot tub (more like warm bath), snow shoeing, the spa and naps! I got as much rest as humanly possible and so much attention that I plan to bundle up every moment and hold onto it for when the baby comes and consumes every minute of both our lives.

It was very much a reality check for both Tony and I when we packed the car seat and diaper bag for the trip just to be on the safe side. Yes you read that correct! Although we are only in our 34th week we thought better to have it and not need it, then need it and not have it. That's the forward thinker in me.

As for the trip itself, I would have to say the highlight for me was the snow shoeing (which Tony and I have both never done before). The weather was picture perfect with the big snow flakes and the temperature was comfortable. The trail was a decent 1k in length and had both an incline and decline. It is also another first that we share and I love that after 12 years we are still able to share first experiences together.

So thank you to my amazing husband that spoils me rotten and fills my life full of love and laughter. (Bozo's) ;)

Lots of Love
Christy Lynn

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Values, Etiquette, Kindness

So basically I have nothing but time on my hands and I find myself thinking about attributes that I want to in-still into my child. Which ones I would stay strong on, which ones would be nice to have and the ones that if they don't stick I won't lose any sleep over. Right now my brother in law in visiting Vietnam and that brings back memories of the way of life there too. Don't get me wrong I know that right now to say what I will or won't can and probably will change when the baby comes, but at least this can act as a reminder to myself to try a little harder or to stick it out a little longer.

So Here Goes Mommy's Wish list:
• Mind your P's and Q : Please and Thank you's
• Permission to leave the dinner table
• Clean up after yourself (toys/crafts)
• Limited TV privileges - Encourage reading, board games and outdoor activities.
• Greeting/departing family with hugs/kisses
• Holding doors open
• Helping out both at home and in public
• Wait your turn to talk (no interrupting conversations)
• Help out with dinner (setting table, clean up)
• Volunteer/Community Service
• You start it, you finish it!
• Earn your wants (no sense of entitlement)
• Pay if forward
• Don't judge a book by it's cover
• Eat what's put in front of you
• Try it before judging (activities, food)
• Respect your elders

These may sound soldier"ish" as you read them, but 90% of these are all qualities that I have been raised with, and I think I turned out pretty good. In fact I am proud of who I am, what I believe and how I want people to remember me.

All my love,

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Entering 32 Weeks

That's right! Officially we are into our 32nd week of pregnancy and I feel as though I am putt putting like "The Little Engine That Could". It may be that I am so excited to meet our new edition or that I don't think my stomach can physically get any bigger, maybe it's the last 6 nights of waking up with terrible head pains behind my right eye or the leg cramps that have started to run down my legs and have resulted in me hobbling around like "Egore". I know that this is all just the beginning of what "THEY" say is the worst trimester, but to be honest I actually thought because my first 2 trimester where pretty amazing that I might get off scott free with this one. I WAS WRONG!

So here I am in week 32 trying to pass the time. I have a full schedule until the 2nd wk of February where I can then count down to my last day of work "March 2nd" Hurray! Less then 8 wks to go and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel (too bad the baby doesn't) bahahah.

All my love,
Christy Lynn

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas Festivities

Christmas has come and gone, and with that I start another 2 year count down that will bring us all back together for Christmas 2013. I do have to say Christmas is one of my most favourite times of the year especially as our family grows bigger, lately it reminds me of the good old days of Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa's. One of the strongest memories I have are the individual family photos, something I really wanted to capture this year as Tony and I start contributing to the growth of our family.

Wishing you all a Super New Year, from my family to yours!

Lots of Love,